2015-09-22 08:24:51 by JtRtheRiPPeR

Just forget about this news thing, I'm not gonna post as much in here.

So, I won't put much into this weblog, as I already have other weblog accounts, but you should really consider visiting my other sites:

Go check them out if you didn't already.

I'm working on Chronicles of Arthas, the new album. Still waiting for a record to pick my music.

Also: look at you, downvoters. Pathetic creatures of meat and bone. I mean, why the effort of voting 0 on a song that it's at least decent, even if it's on the wrong genre? Seriously, guys, you are a disgrace, and you disgust me.

Downvoters and Chronicles of Arthas

Working on Revenant

2009-08-23 15:35:27 by JtRtheRiPPeR

This album shall be much like I met Front Line Assembly and Sonic Mayhem. It's intended to be something more rough to the senses, more destructive. Much like in Quake 3 Arena's soundtrack.
I uploaded Revenant and Aussie Virus from the album.

Working on Revenant

Both albums now on sale!

2009-07-13 07:30:56 by JtRtheRiPPeR

So, now W.A.S. is on CafePress, and No is on SoundClick. I guess I had a hard time to sell these ones.
W.A.S. is avaiable in a CD, I guess ready-made for taking home. And No is for downloading, so you can buy it and have it in your PC.
You have W.A.S. for $4.99, and No por $7.99. I guess there's a price difference due to the pricing system on each website, but whatever.
So, for more stuff, my website. rroyo+Alc%C3%B3n

And now, an extra.

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This is my favourite band of all time.

Another new album!

2009-07-12 15:39:45 by JtRtheRiPPeR

Another new album from No.
Yes, it's title like that.
Includes tracks like The Pimp, Smoke, 1845 and [btfl]. The Pimp is free to download.
So, what are you waiting for?

Another new album!

New album!

2009-07-11 19:21:40 by JtRtheRiPPeR

I decided to sell an album out of a few songs I've made. It's for now on, but soon I guess it will get to or so. So, in that time, you can buy this album. Link

New album!


2009-07-11 08:16:12 by JtRtheRiPPeR

I don't come up with any flash lately.